Hi Boxermom - your Flap Bag and Campana.....

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  1. Boxermom, just want some opinions from you…. You own both the flap bag (shown on your avatar) and the Campana? Can you tell me how you like these 2 bags? I’ve tried on the Flap in the boutique. It looks rather elegant on me I must say but somehow my heart kept calling out to the others – Campana, Ball ….. Also, does the flap flip up at the corners when the weight of your stuff weighs down the bag? I know they are both rather different in design, but just want to hear some words from you on them. Oh of course, or from anyone with an opinion to share, please, you are wanted!
  2. Here’s more 2 cents’ worth:

    Personally I prefer the Campana between the two. It’s more elegant and lady-like in addition to being highly functional. I do not like the shape of the Ball and finds it too casual as well. I hope someone who has the Campana in Limo can post pics as I have only seen the Campana in Nero, Ebano and Magnolia. No doubt the bag is beautiful but I find the design doesn’t really jump at me. I guess to me the Campana exudes more of quiet elegance, as compared to Veneta which is more chic.
  3. (Barge :P ) Love the flap bag but don't have one so can't comment directly on that one; adore my Campana (which I fell in love with on this board!) and I have the medium Veneta too which I love as well. Thought I wanted a ball bag but in the store I found I didn't like the smaller, stiched compartments on it - I was afraid I would overstuff and maybe rip. Haven't ruled it out, but think I am more likely to go with the larger Veneta for a Fall bag. (Love the Sloane, but seemed bulky on me and a little annoying to get in/out of.) Good luck deciding!
  4. Hi, mlbags! The flap bag, when it has stuff in it will fold/slouch in the middle and the corners will stick out a little, rather than laying flat against the bag; it's just the nature of things when the bag is weighted down. When I bought mine there were 2 sizes; mine is the larger but it's still not very big.

    The Campana seems designed in a way that it holds its shape pretty well even with all my stuff in it. It slouches but the overall outline doesn't change that much. Other Campana owners--what say you?

    I love them both, but prefer the Campana. It's easier on my shoulder too.
  5. I had the flap bag in white-still have a woven Campana in small, and used to have other Campanas in plain leather-both in large and small. The woven Campana is is still my absolute :heart: fav-or-ita:heart: today. Love the shape, easy to get in and out of, just a great overall bag!
  6. MsP, macbagger, boxermom, marly - Thank you for taking time to give me your opinions .... hmmm.... seems like a Campana would be the next bag to buy..... that is when I've got enough $$$ saved up after splurging on my Roma..... Also, it's a good thing that the boutique currently only has 3 colours, the black, ebano and noce, so this is my excuse to wait and see if there'll be more colours coming in. Also, with the sale coming soon, I just have to keep myself a 5 mile radius from the boutique for the time being! Once again, thanks so much.

    Thanks in advance also to anyone else posting their feedback to me going forward.
  7. mlbags, your Roma is worth every penny, or whatever your coins are! That is one hot bag!

    Marly, have you seen the Campana in any seasonal colors?
  8. ^^ Not in the woven-just the classic colors. In the Catalano solid leather-I've seen it only in orange (Pompei) and green (trifoglio), other than the classic colors.
  9. Oh my god I love that color!!!!!

    I don't love the way Bluefly displays items that are out of stock though.
  10. I love both the Campana & Flap Bag. =)
  11. Isn't it beautiful? I had it in my cart and almost went through with the purchase when I remembered that I already have a great orange bag. There was some hyperventilating involved before all was said and done, but I let my usual greed take a back seat; it should back in the lineup again now. I'm holding out for an ebano.