Hi! Are the LV Damier Nolita handles long enough to fit over the shoulder?

  1. thanks so much. I'm thinking of it for a work bag for papers, crap etc.

  2. Oh gosh what a perfect bag. I absolutely LOVE mine. It is so versatile and if you like larger bags this is perfect. The outside pocket is nice and it has 3 inside pockets. And it opens w-i-d-e. It can fit over your shoulders IF you arms are thin. I can do it but it's not the most comfortable thing. I can normally last 10-15 minutes with it like that. If you have super thin arms it won't be a problem. Here is a pic of mine.
  3. ^^ I love your Nolita! I noticed it in another post of yours and it is really pretty. It could be my first damier purchase.
  4. I really do love it! I am thinking of getting the Neverfull in Damier when it comes out. I would like one handheld and one shoulder. The Nolita I take to work all the time and I am able to put papers and stuff it. Fits like a charm!