Hi! Anyone seen this before? Its a Happy Lunar new year greeting from LV...

  1. How nice ! and very pretty
  2. so cool!
  3. Wow that is neat, thanks for sharing!
  4. Yeah, thanks for sharing. The "red packets" (or gold for this year) given out by LV during lunar new year are also very cool.
  5. Wow, that's cool! Thanks for posting!
  6. i liked it... thanks for sharing =]
  7. Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  8. So cool! Thanks for sharing that!
  9. Very Nice!
  10. Nice!!
  11. Idont get it :upsidedown:, what was suppost to happen:huh:?
    didnt see anything.:nogood:
  12. Very pretty!!Thanks for sharing :smile:
  13. thanks for sharing :tup:
  14. Never mind I see it now:p