Hi, anyone have the capra bag in smoke?

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  1. i just ordered this and im wondering if its to small and if i should of got black. let me know your thoughts on this . thanks
  2. I have this bag in the dark green color. It hasn't been too small for me. I thought about the black and got the green because the details stand out more. c
  3. Do you like contrast trimming that pops a little bit? With Smoke, its Black trim almost blends in with the bag. For Black, the White piping gives the bag an extra 'pop' (not overly done at all). NAP's Dark Brown with Aubergine trimming looks nice too.

    Black (from BG online)

    Smoke (from BG online)
  4. well i got it on sale, they dont have black now only smoke..
  5. I have the black one also and it's a stunner! I think the smoke is fine too. I didn't see that one at NM when I bought mine.

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  6. NOT the smoke..but I just bought the one in cinnamon and the one in basil..I couldn't decide so here I am with both. maggie
  7. You got both??? That is great! I love that satchel and have it on my wish list!
  8. Yup crazy huh? It's a great bag and holds much much more than one would think AND I am a sale shopper. The real problem is that until lately I had no idea why I would do great deciding on elimnating things until I get down to two...I get down to two a lot and then can't decide. THEN I finally figured it out...It's the two sides of my brain..male (left) female (right).. When I put the bag on one are it's great..put the other bag on that arm not so good..
    Am I making any sense...anyway..now that I figured this out..buying down to one should be a bit easier. I can just flip over a bag too....I'm not always this analytical. maggie
  9. i got the bag!! its beautiful.. i really love it and on sale to oh my...hahaha now im waiting on my baby stam in pearl .or cream or ivory from 05! yay