Hi and pls hlep

  1. Hi Everyone

    I am new to this form and I like to introduce myself. I am CC and I loved birkin bags long before I started making my own money. Now that I am making my own money and all my needs and less expensive wants like L.V and Chanel are paid for I would love to buy a birkin bag as a treat for myself.

    Can someone pls tell me the details of the birkin bag below?

    I am guessing it's gold and 30cm.

    Also I am wondering if I need to put down a deposit for the waiting list.

    p.s- sorry I stole the pic from one of your thread.

    hermes birkin gold VB.jpg
  2. Welcome CC! Vickie's bag is a 35cm gold Birkin with, I think, palladium hw. This is one of the most popular Birkins and for good reason!
    We have TONS of threads already about waiting lists and general Birkin "buying" tips. Please spend some time using the search feature in the Hermes forum and our two informative sub-forums.
    Thenm if you have any further questions, we'd love to help. And also, to chat and wait with you for your bag to come.
    Good luck!!

  3. Thanks Greentea
  4. GreebTea: the hardware looks more like gold on my screen...
  5. GreenTea.. sorry typing error
  6. On second glance, it is gold. sometimes it's hard to tell in bright sunlight. :smile:
  7. CXYVR...welcome to the Purse Forum!

    Have fun and read up...we have a great deal of information in which all of the members have contibuted.
  8. Welcome CC the pic kind of looks like mine Gold with gold hardware my leather is Clemence size 35