"Hi!!" (and a question on wallets) :)

  1. I wanted to say hi to everybody! I've been reading the forum off and on all day and have enjoyed it so much. My name is Carol, I live in Iowa, I adore LV, and I felt right at home here! :biggrin:

    I own 3 LV's -- an older Trocadero and a 2YO Boulogne (both purchased on ebay) and I just bought my first brand new LV while on vacation in Texas -- a Popincourt Haut that I am in love with!
    Now I want a LV wallet and since I don't live near a store, it's hard to decide as all I can do is look at photos online. So -- I'm hoping for a recommendation! I carry 4-6 credit cards and need a full-size space for bills and a pocket for change. From photos, the snapped billfold and coin purse is the one I am thinking of but just worried it might be too small. I don't want a large wallet as I carry a separate checkbook.

    Any thoughts on this wallet -- or another one??

    I'm also ordering the new widescreen iPod case! I finally bought an iPod and was soooo hoping for a MC case but they are only making this one in monogram.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. How about the mono Koala Wallet? It's medium sized and would fit your things nicely, I think. Good luck with your search!! Let us know what you decide on.
  3. Funny -- I never looked at the Koala because I didn't like the clasp, but after you mentioned it I went and took a look and I think I love this one! Thanks!
  4. I'd definitely vouch for the koala as well, it's so darling in damier or in the MC !

    I also like the porte monnaie billets viennois, it might not have enough credit card slots for expansion though.
  5. Welcome Carol! The Koala Is Nice....I LOVE The French Purse!
  6. The Koala is my favorite- they have it in mono, damier, epi, multicolor, and vernis. My favorites are the damier and mono though because of the round clasp (pics 1+2; $535). The PTI is probably too big for you(pic 3; $455), but the Fench purse is a nice alternative too(pic 4; $550)! Check out the zippered wallet too (pic 5; $435)
    mono koala.jpg damier koala.jpg porte tressor.jpg french purse.jpg zippered wallet.jpg
  7. I love my french wallet.:love: It's the perfect size.
  8. Thanks everybody! Ya'll have really got me looking now. :biggrin: I think my favorite is the Koala in the monogram.

    And between looking at vuitton and eluxury (and ebay for more detailed pics), I have found more items I want. It never ends, does it? ;)