Hi! An advice for my fisrt LV please?

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  1. Hi there, I'm a newbie :biggrin:
    I recently found out I love bags. That could sound strange, but I never bother much about the bag... until now! :nuts:
    So, I'm going to buy my first LV. I checked LV's website very carefully for weeks and read many thread here in order to discover the perfect bag for me.
    But now I need your preciuos advice... :P

    I need a shoulder bag, since I'm a mother and I have to have free hands, so I don't go for a Speedy (which it could have been a good choice for a first LV, couldn't it?)
    My budget is no more than 600 euros, so I think I have to chooce between a Neverfull Damier Ebene MM and a Delightful PM.
    I do prefer Damier Ebene rather than Monogram, but maybe I like Delightful more.
    So, what do you think? Which one would you buy?

    Thanks in anticipation :yahoo:
  2. okay so i am pretty new to lv bags also : ) so i can give u advice from a newbie's pov!! i bought my first bag in june! the batignolles horizontal!! i love love love my bag.. but i have had so much bad luck with it : / like spills and such!! and all of my mishaps revolve around the pretty vachetta! grrr! sooooo in my own opinion i would go with the neverfull!! the straps stay on so easy compared to my batignolles (the straps are thicker and one always slips off and im constantly adjusting or placing it on my shoulder over and over again!) the only downfall i wld see with having the neverfull damier ebene mm is that if u put a ton of stuff in it (which u CAN bc its BIG) the straps might start to hurt bc they are thin and the weight will take a toll.. but i do know i wish i would have gotten a bag with either less vachetta or thinner straps bc it seems like i am always worried abt my straps getting stained or slipping! and the delightful- i dont see there being a problem with the one strap slipping BUT that is a thick strap and i know i wld jus worry over it every time i look at it!!! GOODLUCK!! i hope this advice is useful and please do post and tell us what you decided on!!!!
  3. I too am a mom and have the delightful pm. It is a wonderful bag! I much prefer it over the neverfull. The strap is super comfy and it just looks so darn cute when it's worn. Also its super light. It's my favorite bag.
  4. I would go for NF in Ebene as you dont have to worry too much on the leather as you really have to take care of it to avoid any watermarks or stains. The bag looks really nice and you can also spice it up with a bandeau or charms.

    So if you are looking for a bag for work and to stuff your baby's stuff, NF would be more practical. Whereas the Delightful is still pretty for a everyday bag to work or shopping trips.

    It would be nice if you can personally go to the LV boutique and try both bags..look at yourself in the mirror and get whatever you heart prefers.
  5. I prefer the Neverfull MM or GM in Damier Ebene :smile: More practical than the Delightful which is too soft (or how waste time to find your stuffs).
  6. Tough choice, I don't think you can go wrong with either one. But maybe Neverfull ebene first because it is totally worry free.
  7. If it's going to be a mummy-bag, i highly suggest the delighful, the neverful has thin straps, doesn't bother me but it might bother you while you're running after the kids...the delightful also seems to have better internal organization thn the nf :smile:

    good luck with ur decision and remember to do a reveal :biggrin:
  8. I love ebene more than mono too.. so i'd go for the NF! I think speedy's and NF's are the best bags as a first LV purchase, just my two cents!
    Btw if you like the speedy you could use a strap!
  9. I would say totally pm or mm mono it way more comfy and it has a zipper also much prettier and comfy than NV for me !
  10. Hi girls, thanks so much for your opinions.
    I had thought of Totally too, but it seems many people see it as a diaper bag :amazed:

    Actually I dont' feel very confortable with the fact these two bags don't have a zipper... mumble mumble...

    Yes, I could use a strap with a Speedy... but the point is: where shall I attach the strap? Can't see any ring...

    Speedy would a good choice... zipper... damier ebene... oh... this is much difficoult than I expected to be... :lolots:
  11. Just two cents, which agree with most people here, and because it is what I have had good experience with. A decent sized bag to fit a lot of stuff in. Monogram or Damier, because it is classic and it lasts the longest. And nothing with vache, because it stains so easily even though it looks gorgeous in the beginning.
  12. Do you mean the big amount of vache in the Delightful? :confused1:
    So I understand Damier ebene is better?
  13. Well I have the totally azure pm and get a lot of compliments and have no children I'm 24
  14. Delightful! Yes vachetta can be a little worrying but hey... It can be protected and you van watch and enjoy it's transition from pale to honey patina! Damier ebene trims are prone to cracking. The natural cowhide leather is so comfy and flexible and the delightful has one thick strap which is waaaay more comfortable than 2 thin straps!
  15. I do see the Totally as a diaper bag, it will def be what I use when I have a baby!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ebene NF. I cannot say enough good things about it. It is fantastic.