Hi! Al's Chanels :)

  1. What size did you go with? I love love love that red!!!
  2. Your collection is stunning and fabulous!
  3. love your collection!:heart:
  4. Here is an updated pic...beige m/l belongs to my sis :smile:


  5. amazing chanels !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks! It's the kiss lock clutch. Currently $1900usd.
  7. oohhhh i love the pink m/l and beige new mini :heart:
  8. I want that pink chanel! So beautiful! Love you LV collection too!!!
  9. Amazing collection! Makes me want to go out and buy a new handbag lol :smile:
  10. Thank you!!!! I'll be updating the collection pic soon :smile:
  11. I love Chanel. It's very sophisticated. I love your collection too! It must cost you a fortune :biggrin:. I'm sure it's all worth it.
  12. I love Chanel too! 4 of the bags were my moms, they're from the 1990's. The pink caviar was my first Chanel purchase in 2007. I moved to Dallas in May 2007 and went crazy. Dallas is a Mecca of designer goods. I lived across the street from the Neiman Marcus and their Chanel collection was amazing. The addiction started then....
  13. Amazing Chanel collections. Your mum has the foresight. You are fortunate to get them passed down & continue the line
  14. wow you have such a great collection