Hi! Al's Chanels :)

  1. Just arrived today!!!!!!


  2. My lil Hermes collection. The garden party was purchased 3 weeks ago and the 30 birkin was purchased pre-owned 1 month ago. Have not been able to use them yet :sad:

  3. My Tokidoki collection...love the characters and fun prints.

  4. Great collection :smile: The Garden Party is gorgeous.
  5. Just got a med size. Now gotta decide jumbo or medium.

  6. Lovely collection!!! :cloud9:
  7. OMG most perfect collection ever!!!!
  8. I just adore this bag, what year is it from?
  9. This is brand new! It's in stores now, well the red is pretty much sold out :sad:
  10. Beautiful collection, love the chanels!
  11. Omg your Chanel collection is to die for. Is the red Chanel the jumbo size? I'm thinking of purchasing my first Chanel and am liking that size. Thanks
  12. Yes it's the jumbo but I found a m/l so I returned the jumbo. It's such a pretty red....I have an updated pic of my Chanel's in the Chanel thread. You should go to a boutique or dept store and try on a few different styles. You'll get a better idea what looks good on you. Good luck and can't wait to see what you get.
  13. What a wonderful collection! Excellent taste.
  14. Hi thank you for getting back to me. I feel really intimidated by the snooty assistants at Chanel so was thinking of purchasing over the phone. It's the same with LV and so i usually purchase online. You're right though for such an expensive purchase I should go there! :smile: