Hi ALL !!!! :)

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  1. Hi everyone, As some of you may know Im in Greece at the moment. Anyway there are soooooooooo many fakes here, even being sold in the supermarket (apart from that, Greece is amazing, beautiful place). Well I went into this shop the other night and they have fake grooms and fake belts...OMG the belts looked soooooo real, Ive never saw anything like it. Well chatting to this lady and she is showing me these grooms and she was showing me LOts of photo's of them, comparing them to the real thing, well obviously Im not fooled LOL. I also saw a fake strawberry blossom zippy wallet which I got a pic of on my phone (will post when I get back home).

    On a better note I used my pochette marly for the 1st time today and it was awesome, I put all my essentials in it on the beach.

    Just thought I'd drop in anyway, Missing you all :flowers:
  2. Woohoo!! :yahoo: Glad to hear that you're having a great time. Are you already red/sunburned?!?!? :graucho: lol, just kidding :kiss:

    oh yeah, the infamous mediteranian fakes, I'll be looking forward to those on Mallorca
  3. Hi !!! Yeah a tan but Ive been at the beach most of the day near the harbour. haha yes look forward to it, I also saw a fake dantelle in BOX at the "Designer Outlet Store" HAHAHA ! LOL
  4. Be sure to take lotsa fun vacation pics!

    Enjoy yourself! :smile:
  5. glad you are having fun! apart from the fakes that is!
    greece is well known for the fakes.
  6. Oy, stupid fakes.
    Anyway I hope you're having fun, I hope to go to Greece one day!
  7. thanks guys :smile:, Yeah LVbabydoll come to Greece, its great :flowers:
  8. Have fun!
  9. Hope you're having an amazing time! I've always wanted to go to Greece..

    When I was in Italy last week there were fakes EVERYWHERE too lol..they were the most horrible fakes I've ever seen. :yucky:
  10. greece is amazing, enjoy your stay!

    and the fakes, omg i know! in rome they were everywhere and so many people had them
  11. Enjoy the rest of your Vacation. Cant wait for you to come back.
  12. haha yano what steve! i found the same! i went to zante which is a greek island a month ago and they wer everywhere! i was like eeeeew one boutique claimed to sell auth lv, fendi, gucci etc... and it looked nice inside... until i saw the bags (i never saw them or read anythin about auth stuff before i walked in it jus looked cute) oh my word i had to walk out because i was laughing at how bad they wer!
    im back off there in 2 weeks ill try get a picy through the window or something haha
  13. Glad to hear you're having fun!!
  14. glad to hear your having fun on your trip. share pics when you get back! ^^
  15. Greece! So jealous! I just got back from Europe and I was shocked at the amount of fakes too! It even got to be a game between my boyfriend and I - spot the real bag because they were so many gross counterfeits. Hope you have a great rest of your vacation and relax!