hi all

  1. im new to this and im going to new york for the first time in two weeks i have heard loads about woodbury common im hoping some1 couuld tell me whats the best day to go to get good bargins:confused1:
  2. Hi Yourself!

    I have been there about 6 times but always during the week, and it was never too crowded. I hear it is a madhouse on weekends. I am excited for you, as this place does have everything! Even a Chanel store. Neiman Marcus is a mess there and very hard
    shopping. It looks more like Filene's Basement. The Prada/Miu Miu store is fabulous! If you are looking for a dressy dress, formal or wedding gown, don't overlook Carolyn Rohem. They have some things hidden near the dressing rooms, as well. Have fun and be prepared to spend!
  3. If you go, you should stop in at the indoor food court and ask about their coupon booklet at the center kiosk. Anyway, I think it costs $10.00 if you have a AAA card and there are coupons like 20% off at the different stores. A wonderful SA at the NM store gave me a coupon to use for 20% off of a D&G bag. It helped a bunch. Anyway, you also get an automatic 5% off anything in the NM store if you use your NM credit card - that would be on top of the discounted price, the 20% coupon (if you get one) == good savings.

    There are great shops there, Tod's, Chanel, Tory Burch, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry....The list goes on and on. I get great stuff for my kids in the outlet stores after a big holiday. You can check their website out - just google Woodbury Commons NY.

    Good Luck - Happy Shopping & Wear comfy shoes!
  4. great thanks for all the advice very helpful
  5. you don't need to pay for that coupon book. just go to the website: www.premiumoutlets.com and sign up to be a VIP member. when you do, you can print out a voucher to get a free coupon booklet (and there are really great coupons in there)

    also, the best deals are usually during holidays though the crowd is horrendous.
    check the rest of the deals&steals forum because there've been a few other threads on woodbury commons shopping.

    good luck! =)