Hi all -- want to get some expert connoseur choice quality opionions

  1. Hi -- I live in West Hollywood CA and am a big purse-a-holic, but i haven't bought anything new in eons! I am carrying around a great cream colored Tom Ford heyday era Gucci shoulder bag, with the beautiful chrome chain shoulder strap.

    AND I AM TRASHING THIS BABY while I can't decide on my next aquisition! I need a larger bag to tote all my stuff in to/from the office and on the weekends. I am mostly sporty/casual dresser, and want something for eveyday but classy! I work at a film studio and produce PR and other pieces for pretty big film projects.

    I LOVE the CHLOE PADDINGTON I saw for fall, that had a chain across the front, two zippers on the top main compartment and a few side pockets, some studs, & buckles on the sides (that aren't adjustable!) it was big enough to hold everything I need it to hold and i liked it alot.

    BUT is CHLOE NOT Cool anymore? Thats what the blog sez! Even tho I think this bag looked cool in the golden brown color, slightly metallic leather w/gold hardware.

    What other lux brands offer sonething handy and sporty that can hold everything but is classy? I CANT AFFORD HERMES! LOL.

    I think Marc Jacobs are kind of nice but too heavy when I pick up the size i like with the chain handle or strap (can't recall) it felt like a ton of bricks!!!

    haha I know Paddigntons are notoriously heavy but that cute one I liked wasn't bad...not bad at all.

    But I haven't looked at LV or Gucci lately...and I loved Balenciaga Motorcycle bags too, but it's been a while --I been working hard and haven't been shopping lots -- and I just do not have time to look at every window on rodeo then hit Barneys and southocast plza and neinmans...or even fly to manhatten for the excellent purse shopping to be had there...! I feel so OUT OF IT -- Whats cool and hip NOW that will last through time.
    Help me please! Someone! Before it's maybe too late and I lose it and buy that CHLOE?!?! Sheesh things costs more too now...but I just want a *****en bag I won't regret next week OK? haha thanks
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    You should try to post questions of whatever brand of bag you are interested in purchasing in the appropriate forums.
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