Hi all! This is my little (but growing) Hermes porcelain collection

  1. *I'm sorry if this isn't the place for this sort of post. But it seems too Hermes-related to be in The Newcomers Lounge.

    Hello everyone :smile:

    I recently stumbled across tPF - Hermes - amazing collections and items galore. Wow! I also thought "hey! What better way to show off my budding Hermes lust!"

    ASL = 26yo/Male/Sydney, AUS - with a thing for eating McDonalds off my Hermes porcelaine et cristal :supacool:

    I've not really jumped onto the bag bandwagon yet (frankly, not that big a fan of the mens items.. aside from my raw cotton Sac à Livres (I think it's called) which I love), however, recently I saw a handsome (35-40cm) vintage Sac à Courroies on eBay and it was love. So I'm keeping my eyed peeled from here on in. ;)

    Anyhoo.. until I get everything I have photographed and uploaded, here's my Hermes porcelain collection (minus my latest Cheval D'Orient large presentation plates, one of which I'm eating french fries from as I type - )

    'Balcons du Guadalalquivir' Presentation Plates
    'Attelage' teaspoons, stainless steel
    'Quadrige' GM Crystal Tumblers in Chartreuse
    'La Siesta Hermes' Rice Bowls
    'La Siesta Hermes' Porcelain spoons
    'Tribord' Lacquered Rings

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. What a beautiful collection! This is exactly the place for your post. Welcome!
  4. YUP, you found the right place!! What a lovely collection. I too have balcons fever!

    what a pretty selection!
  5. Thanks :smile: Hermes patterns are just beautiful.. I bought my first piece about a year and a half ago. I like to mix up my Hermes with my plain white Rosethal basics - I had a dinner party a few months ago and had only my green Hermes glasses holding tealight candles between clean white platters. The glasses and the green glow they gave absolutely made the setting.

    And on a more casual note, never will a Big Mac and fries look as appetising as when sitting on a Balcons plate :tup:
  6. Everything is beautiful -- I love the matching spoon and bowl!

    I am usually too broke after hitting the bag/accessory section, to buy any of their homeware collection....
  7. I need to get off this thread. The more I look at their China, the more I want of them. Sheesh............

    .....slinks off thread........
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    HG, I can't believe you already don't have their entire collection since you are the gourmand!
  9. Beautiful pieces! I fell in :heart: with the teaspoons...
  10. I'm working on the Jardin sur le Nil.;)
  11. :tup:I love the matching soup spoons as well.
  12. :smile::smile:

    I love this thread

    I am an avid collector of there porcelaine also
    am going to take some photos of mine and post them

    The colors are totally amazing, scarf in 3 D

    so glad you posted this fellow hermes addict re homeware

    gonna post some of my pics later

    ( I also saw that bag it would look fantastic on a man)
  13. What a beautiful collection!!! But can you acquire pieces separately? Like those presentation plates? I'm in love with the Balcons pattern and I'd love to have a couple of pieces from this line, like a tea set
  14. ^^^Yep, that's the beauty of H porcelain. They sell per piece.
  15. Beautiful, I love the red pattern