Hi all! / This is Blythe... Vuitton-style.

  1. Hi all :yes: I recently came across this LV community and thought I'd introduce myself quickly.*

    Essentially, 26yo/Male/Sydney, AUS - with a love of Vuitton's vintage iconic pieces (as well as Hermes)

    My favourite Vuitton piece of all time is definitely my Monogram Laser Clarksons (Brown and grey) followed by my Damier Pocket Organiser, which I use as my everyday wallet.

    And my dream piece is absolutely an all-cowhide steamer :drool:

    *My little gift to all - Some of you I'm sure are familiar with the cult doll, Blythe. Here are a few photos I took a few years ago of some of my Blythe dolls with some of my sister and my pieces (With a little help from Photoshop).

    Monogram Multicolour MiniHL White
    Monogram Laser Clarkson Brown
    Vernis Lexington Fluo Vert

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm loving that first pic!
  3. Welcome to the purse fourm!!!! Thank you for the great pics they are too cool.
  4. HI! I love the pics SOOOO CUTE!!!
  5. welcome to the LV Forum. those are very good photos - Gina Garan watch out! thanks for sharing.
  6. Love the pics! WELCOME!:tup:
  7. Oh gosh those are adorable! I'm a big Blythe fan but don't have any of the dolls yet. Maybe one day I'll get one, I'll get sucked into buying a ton of accessories for them though lol.
    Great pics and welcome!
  8. great pics, thanks for sharing and welcome to tPF
  9. Welcome to tPF! Cute pics!! Thank you for sharing!
  10. So very cute! Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  11. Welcome to tpf, love the pics!
  12. i absolutely lovvveeee BLYTHE and LV!! how cute to see them together ^^ love the mini hl!!! hehe lucky blythes!!
  13. oh.. blythe are my fav dolls... i have a collection have 10 at home


    One new one is missing in this photo

    I have some photos taken with some toy LV bags too


    i have more photos at http://fotop.net/CH3clan/About_Blythe
  14. Hi and welcome

    the pics are very cute
  15. Cute pics .... thanks for sharing.

    Welcome to tPF! :welcome: