Hi All. Please advise on BNY

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  1. So I just got off the phone with BNY to pre-order my violet Part Time w/Silver GH (BTW they call violet, "grape").

    Anywhoo. They didn't want my credit card number.

    Don't they normally want it?????? :shrugs: Back in 05 they would take my credit card.

    I do not want to get passed up on this bag and I would really like to be one of the lucky ones that gets the bag in the early shipment not the later. I will never be able to wait till Oct!:cursing:


    Please advise
  2. They do not take your c/c # when you put your name on the waitlist. When your bag arrives they call you for your c/c info.
  3. Same thing from me, I offered to give my CC info, and the SA said no, they will call when it comes in. I wouldn't worry too much.

    I wish you well,

  4. Did they give an ETA of when Violet will be released?
  5. The ETA of the violet and yellow is sometime between August and October, with more likelihood placed on it coming in later than earlier. The pre-collection colors are supposed to arrive in July.
  6. I thought we weren't supposed to be even asking about violet and yellow until June!

    Can I call now????
  7. Yes, call! I am on the list for yellow, violet, and plomb.
  8. Thanks Bridget I hope they pull thru for us. I'm just dying thinking about my new bag
  9. Good work. Whoever goes had better be armed w/ a camera. This is a fantastic Balenciaga day!
  10. OK, the BalNY people need to get their stories straight. Based on the info I was given by BalNY yesterday, I was told:
    1) You are only allowed to be waitlisted for TWO items, MAXIMUM. I see that someone above is on 3 lists.
    2) I was told Violet will be available sometime between July 15 and October...but most likely during the earlier part of that time frame (not later, like some of you were told).
    3) I was told that I had 2 choices: 1) Give them my cc number NOW and they'd automatically charge my card/ship when the bag came in, OR 2) Give them my name and number and they'd leave me a message while holding the bag for me 24 hours.

    What the heck?! They really need to educate their staff and be consistent with what they're telling us!

  11. Yes, yes, and yes!!!! I just don't understand why they can't have a consistent store "line" for those of us who are calling to waitlist. It would benefit them for sure b/c it would cut down on the number of calls.
  12. Who picked that name? How very déclassé ... ;)
  13. i think Paris calls violet "raisin" so they just translated from French ... raisin sounds so much better though ! :yes:
  14. Ok I talked to my new SA this morning, Carrie. Very nice woman. Glad she is my new SA. She said that they are no longer taking credit card numbers. I was also told I was at the top of the list for my bag. yey!:wlae:

    I just asked her if the date range was Aug-Oct and she said yes. But I know from past experience they never get the dates right. I will hope for the earlier date:graucho: (July) because I will just be annoying my BF by non stop thinking/talking about this bag till it arrives at our door.

    Also was told that violet comes in all styles. I think I'm going to need something in a clutch as well.
  15. Hmm...maybe they thought "grape" sounded juicier and yummier. ;) I don't know why they didn't just keep it "violet" but whatever... ;)