Hi all.. opinions needed =)

  1. In your opinion, is a rouge h box calf birkin in size 30 with gold hardware too mature/formal for a 25 year old? Thanks!
  2. It's definitely timeless and something that will still look chic when you're 45.
    It all depends on how you carry it.
  3. I love mine but I'm twice your age! LOL!!!!!!

    Seriously though.....I think a Rouge H Box calf Birkin is ageless. It's a gorgeous bag and should take you through many, many years.....it will grow old WITH you.

  4. no-its classic and timeless. its more size and proportion and style of course. a 16 year old and a 60 year can both wear pearls but the 16 year olds probably shouldnt be huge south seas. I think a 30 cm in a discreet color is ideal for a younger woman. whereas a 35 croc would be overkill..........I am very conservative so my 2 cents only.
  5. In a 30cm? Then it's perfect!
  6. thanks all! i love box, gold hardware and wants a 30 birkin, just not super sure abt rouge h as it seems quite a dark red. but i agree its timeless (and hard to let it pass) =P

  7. actually --not to be argumentative but its not really dark...........more that its deep. its a lovely color that shows stunningly in sunlight but quiet and "deep" at night and indoors...........its really a classic ---for a reason
  8. Rouge H in Box leather is like the color of a very good wine. It is stunning and will shimmer more with patina as it ages. I can't think that you would ever tire of it and surely 25 is plenty "mature" enough for a classic piece like a Birkin.

    If you can get your hands on it, and can afford it - GRAB IT! They are so lovely in that color and hardware combo.
  9. I also prefer Rouge H because it isn't a "screaming red", I think it is a perfect color particularly in Box leather.
  10. Definitely get it. The combo is TDF!
  11. It would look fantastic. I'm 28 and I would wear it happily.
  12. IMO, rouge H in box is one of the best colors Hermes makes!!! SOOO classic and timeless..there's a reason it's called Rouge Hermes. I have a vintage one in a kelly w/ GH and love it esp the gorgeous patina that it's developed over the years!! Nothing compares to it!
  13. It's perfect, timeless, and will grow beautifully with you as you age. Go for it- you will treasure it for many many years!
  14. If you get the chance go for it, its combo is classic!
  15. Nope, not at all. A gorgeous and timeless combo that you will carry forever.