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  1. Hey everybody! I'm new to this whole designer handbag thing. I have two brand new bags (both have been used maybe once or twice) - a Marc Jacobs worth about $600, and a Dior worth over $1000. They were Christmas gifts from someone I don't really care to remember, and obviously he didn't know me very well because I'm not exactly the type of girl that cares about owning these expensive handbags. Anyways, I'm pretty hard up for money right now, and I wanted to sell the bags and get as much for them as I possibly can! Could someone please let me know where or how I should go about selling them and getting as much for them as I possibly can? Like I said they are basically BRAND NEW! I was looking on e-bay, but it didn't look like handbags were selling for very much... :shrugs: I would appreciate your input! Thanks!
  2. I was about to say e-bay; even though I have never attempted to sell anything on there myself, a co-worker seemed to have "luck" with one of her sales.
  3. Hi Missy, your best bet really would be ebay or similar sites like Bonanzle. There are also online consignment shops you can try. If you do a search on the forum (there is a search feature on the upper right hand of your screen) you should find some reputable stores. Offhand I can think of A Second Chance Resale in New York (they also have an ebay store) and Ann's Fabulous Finds.
  4. please do a search, this is asked several times/week.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.