Hi all! I desperately need opinions on this Marc Jacobs Guinevere bag!


Feelings on the Guinevere?

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  2. Hate it!

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  1. I found this:

    *I've never seen this bag before, heard of it, or anything!

    My question is this: Do you guys think this bag is hot?

    I was thinking about getting a brown Venetia but I already own two and they are both a PITA to get in and out of. I have been looking for a classy, timeless and sophisticated brown bag that is "user friendly" Do you think this bag is it?

    Please tell me your opinions! The item is in my cart!


    Heres a review from Vlad:

    prodImage.ms.jpg eqzoom.ms.jpg Marc_Jacobs_Tote.jpg
  2. well the venetia isn't so bad...if you leave it open or just slip the strap in but don't zip....either way i do like the guinevere...i just wouldn't call it hot, but since it only has that one pushlock flap it shouldn't be too hard to get in and out of
  3. Venetia is not that hard to get into!!!
  4. Eh. I hate to say "eh" about an MJ bag but this one doesn't do it for me. It reminds me of a doctor's satchel. (not in a good way). It's okay but for the price I like your Venetia choice much better, esp. in the Cocoa which is such a lovely color. I bet it has squishier leather too (which I like, don't know about you).