Hi all, i am new here

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  1. Hi all,
    This is my first post and i am very excited about this forum.

    does anyone have any idea what the stock and price are like in Paris?:confused1: i will go there in August and i am wondering if i should wait till then to get my dream bag 2.55? but in fact, i am getting a bit impatient ... to get a new one ...:crybaby:

    thanks for your info
  2. Hi!! welcome to the forum! I'm not sure how stocks are in Paris but I'm sure the lovely ladies here can help you. You can put your name on the list for the 2.55 here first if you want. I'm not sure when they are coming in the us (i'm not the list for the black as well=) hahah), but I think some tPFer has gotten theirs.=) good luck!
  3. Hi, welcome and good luck on your quest!! :smile:
  4. welcome! This site is so addictive.