Hi all, I am hunting for a small evening bag..


Help me to decide

  1. MC Shirley

  2. Monogram Sonatine

  3. Vernis Lexington in Perle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which is big enough to hold a ludlow, a compact power, cell phone and a lip gloss. Can be used for night out and wedding dinner. Can be both casual and elegant depends on outfit!
    I need honest opinions!! Thanks!
  2. The Lexington, definitely! Especially in Perle, it'd be gorgeous for a wedding!
    And as far as wearing it with casual clothing, it definitely works. People sometimes think that vernis bags only work for dressy outfits but IMO, they look great when you're just wearing jeans and a tshirt as well as fancy dresses.
  3. I voted Shirley cos I think it's elegant and can be dressed up or down:smile:
  4. Framboise Lexington... ;)
  5. Well have you considered the Vernis Malibu Street in Perle:

    Its both Elegant- perfect for the wedding, and goes with just about anything. I honestly just find the Lexington very boring and plain.....
  6. the Perle Lexington would be a nice evening bag :yes:

    yes, the Shirley can be dressed up and down too, and you can also use it as a clutch or shoulder bag. the white Shirley is very pretty. here's how mine looks :flowers:
    shirley 001.jpg shirley 003.jpg
  7. The gracie PM is a beauty , in black or red, the mix of the velours with the aligator is amazing. In my opinion the shirley is not apropriate as an evening bag.


  8. Miroir, how about you not floss your gracie in my face, you know that I am in desperate need of one! :P :heart: :love: :upsidedown:
  9. I would go with the lexington, you'll be able to fit all your items in it, it's classy and can be worn with jeans too!
  10. I wish it was mine ;)
  11. I voted for the Lex, I prefer it to the Shirley. I don't think the monogram Sonatine is as versatile as far as dressing it up and down goes.
  12. I voted for the mono because Vernis is too high maintence, especialli in the pearl. That bag could never be set down for fear of staining or transfer, but that is just because I am a klutz. I think the Lex is the best of the three. Have you considered the Epi Pochette segur? It is a nice looking evening bag.
  13. ELux has a gorgeous amber Monogram Mat Fowler.
  14. Lex in pearl :flowers:
    i saw it IRL.. and loved it to pieces!
  15. I voted for Shirley.

    My 2 cents on the Lexington: Mine fits my chunky (flip style) Nextel cell and ludlow with a little space for a lipgloss and a lipstick. No more room!! If I took out the ludlow and just used a key and change holder, I could then fit a compact.