hi~ All! Help me~ which bag should i get??!!


Jan 2, 2007
im thinking to buy the new bag between Gucci small tote bag
139261 in white handle and LV Batignolles...I've both look at the shop yesterday but can't decide which one I sould get....

I think the LV Batignolles is more useful but really similar with my speedy bag and Gucci tote bag is cute but i dun think is useful as LV one..

What everyone think about this??? Give me some ideas...Please..^^:shrugs::shrugs:


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I like them both a lot. Is price a factor? Maybe the fact that you don't see that Gucci a lot would push me towards the Gucci. But only you know which is more practical for how you use a tote.
In my opinion LV is timeless. I like Gucci too, I own three Gucci bags but I've bought them only because I could buy LV too. If you want a really timeless piece I'd say go for LV. But why don't you do a better research? Maybe you will find a Gucci or LV piece you'll love more. As my bag worshipping grandmother used to say: "You'll know which bag is right for you from the moment you'll lay eyes on it"
I really like the Gucci, but I would pick the LV just because of the difference in size. Or maybe a similar Gucci but in a slightly larger size?? Either one is great though :smile:
I like both...and while I would usually say LV, and I DO like the Batignolles, that Gucci is REALLY cute. Is it really too small? You can't go wrong with the LV though, that is a great bag. I am no help at all am I, sorry.
I would go with the LV, because it seems to be bigger and more verastile.

The Gucci one reminds me a summer bag... and even though you could use it whenever... it just makes me think of summer only. IMO
hi~ just letting u know guys that LV batignolls bit bigger than Gucci tote!
I think the LV is timeless but Gucci one is sooo cute...
toooo hard to decide......Is there any other suggestion????
aarrrrrrrrr~~~~~ Help me out~~~!:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1: