Hi, Advice for a newbie?

  1. Hi, I have what is probably a silly question. I just bought a new D&B doctors satchel purse and do not know if I should remove the leather ID tag. (displays the DB )or if I should remove the paper tag inside. I just do not want to be tacky not knowing what to do.......HELP :0)
  2. welcome to tpf! about the leather id tag, it's pretty much a personal preference...you can do either...which paper tag on the inside are you talking about? the price tag or the where it's made in tag?
  3. Hi, It is the paper insert that goes in the leather tag. It has The DB symbol. I like the purse with the tag attached but I do not like the Paper tag that goes inside. I think I will just take the paper tag out.
    Thanks for the feedback. This is a fun site!:yes: