Hhmm--foul play re price increase on baby cabas?

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  1. I just read the post about the price increase on the baby cabas and it might answer some questions. I called a certain store on Saturday, May 5 on a tip that they had a baby cabas. The SA said they did, took my info and said she would get it done, that the price was $1795 and that she would call me. Sunday--still no charge, but she said she would do it at 7:00 that evening. Monday and Tuesday--still no charge. Then, yesterday it showed up on my cc bill--for over 1900. Were they stalling just to charge me more???
  2. OOOHHHH, I would soooooooo fight that! :cursing:

    If she did, I would be more inclined to speak to that SA. If not resolved, then her mgr.
  3. Perhaps it's sales tax?
  4. Maybe it was over because of tax? With tax it would be $1902.70.
  5. :true:
  6. I ordered from a different state, though

  7. Do you have that store in YOUR state though? Even if you ordered from a different state, if there a location for that store in your state, you will still get charged sales tax...
  8. ^ um, not true.

    depends on the tax relationship between the state the Saks is in and the state that your in. I order from Saks all the time ( out of state Saks) and I live in SF and have a saks here, Never been charged tax. some saks will charge you tax and some wont because of the different relationships amongst states.

    you need to contact the store and ask them prior to ordering weather you will be charged tax. they have a list.
  9. I think only BG doesn't charge tax, and certain charge-send orders at Saks. I purchased mine from NM and asked to have it sent as a gift (two different names and addresses) hence no tax.
  10. Where do you live? If the store you ordered from is located in your state, you have to pay your state sales tax. What you should do is multiply the amount of your state sales tax by $1795, add in the cost for shipping, and see if the end result matches the amount on your credit card statement.

    I would do that before thinking the worst.

  11. Interesting. Thanks for the correction! :smile:
  12. :yes::yes::yes:
    Yep. My SA told me that when Saks ships to certain states, they dont charge tax. They never charge tax when they ship to CA and I just found out that they never charge tax when they ship to IL (BF lives there) either.

    Since I live in NY and I get taxed for everything, guess who is going to be receiving a whole bunch of my purchases? :smile:
  13. anyone know if it works in florida? :graucho:
  14. i've been charged tax when ordering from Saks and NM out of state......you can avoid it if ordering from Saks by doing the gift/different addy thing as mentioned above. I dont know bout NM...............