HHHotties RAOKin' the Summer 2011

  1. :lolots::lol::lolots: you guys. i've moved my box a few times hoping that it would 'accidentally' spill open but, no dice. damn tape is strong.
  2. Exactly - you don't want to go blind before the big reveal.

    I am without a box but am enjoying the vicarious thrills of you all and your box adventures.
  3. Toying with my box is fun! It makes the time pass.
  4. :ninja: went home at lunch to rub on my box a little bit :ninja:
  5. I'm glad everybody enjoys playing with their boxes! I gotta confess...my box smells pretty good...
  6. Not received yet. It's been raining since early this morning. This is what the backyard looks like.

    Backyard water.jpg

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a wet box!!!!!:graucho::lol:
  7. 2many your box will be absolutely drenched! Unless perhaps they put a protective barrier on it?
  8. thanks everyone! i can't wait to see everyone's reveals. got my car back, but it's making noise in the front tire area still so we're going to be doing more fixing. :/ btw, totally unrelated to the RAOK but we borrowed a toyota prius thru the corporation cuz my friend works for them, and wow... DH did a ton of driving, and his average gas mileage was 52. he only spent $20 to fill up the tank for an entire weeks of driving... he usually spends at least $60.
  9. YAYAYAYAYAY - my box arrived! Can I rub it????
  10. Mib - hybrid's are great. We had a hybrid camry for 3 years.
  11. :lolots:
    Ahhhhh Pae, always so sensible.
  12. My box has arrived. Is it supposed to vibrate I shake it :smile:
  13. md, my box is the other way around. It shakes after I vibrate it.
  14. Normal for a box, no??