HHhotties RAOKin' in the new year 2012 -- reveals!!!

  1. I should be able to open tomorrow. Gonna be out for the next few hours but will be around for a late night box exposure if there is one!!
  2. I might be able to reveal tonight or tomorrow (Friday)! Otherwise, I'll probably have to go late Sunday or early Monday! (yes, I know that is super confusing and I should've just said I could go any day but Saturday, but I like to be difficult, lol)
  3. My box is open!!!
  4. Imma open my box tonight. :biggrin:
  5. I'm gonna get in on the box action tonight too. The drought has lasted long enough.
  6. Just opened mine with the kids before kiddos bed time!!!! :happydance::woot::woohoo:
  7. I didn't open mine! It is open on the kitchen table! My nanny was opening 1000 boxes from Amazon (baby food, diapers, wipes, puzzles, blah blah) and my RAOK box was there and she opened it. I was in my room working, so didn't know until just now!!!! EEEK! I didn't look, but I can see that it is there and open.. How will I survive?
  8. All this box talk has gotten me excited!!(box openings tonight!!:woot:)

    And Mish. So sorry your box was opened without you even being aware!!:wtf: Just doesn't seem right!!!
  9. Haha, I'm sure she felt bad. Today was her first day. Her car wouldn't start this morning too, so she was a little late. I was super nice to her though. Poor girl. I'm sure she was stressed. She just finished up an 11 month contract singing professionally on a cruise ship. She was singing and playing music with Chlöe. I adore her already and Chlöe does too. I think she is pretty glad to have found me. I'm pretty great to work for if I do say so myself.

    I put a newspaper on top of my box so I'm less tempted. Sounds like there is a lot of box touching going on though!
  10. It is pretty much already the weekend in New Zealand. :popcorn:

    I need some boxy fun after this week. We've had catastrophic data center failures, vendor lameness, massive OT, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh well, the bright side is I think my team cranked out enough last night and today to get out of working major OT over the weekend.
  11. Awwww MT, you need some hottie love after your stressful week! :hugs:
  12. Ugh MT! You definitely need a pick me up!

    I put a box of diapers on top of my box so I'm not tempted.
  13. Just stick your fingers in and feel around a bit Mishka......
  14. I'm back (and hammered) from my outing. (but on my phone) Where are the boxes?!

    Mt sounds like you're def. ready to indulge in some box action(pro ounced with Spanish accent can't find key on here)
  15. MT - ugh. sorry to hear. Hope you can be off on the weekend.

    I have no box this time so I'll have to be a voyeur. Is anyone going tonight?