Hhheelpp!!!!! Large Edith Phone Call!

  1. PLEASE...I need your opinions..I like large bags...my SA just called and she got the Edith in LARGE only in Chamois and whiskey...do I wait to see the mediujm...or go for the large...she says it isnt that big???! Anyone seen the large??? Gotta get it today or will lose it...let me know(PS- she says it measures 15 1/2 x 11 1/2)
    One of my friends ordered 2 meds. by accident too..so i have that option......I hate decisions!
  2. I would check out the large. Can you go "visit"?
  3. yep- Its like 40 min away...I had no sleep last night....
    so trying to make a good decision based on zero sleep...doesnt help!!!
    Have you seen the large??
  4. I have not seen the large. I had the medium and found it to be a bit small. My only "regret" (not a huge one, but a small "what if"), is that I cancelled my pre-order for the large...no regrets about cancellation of the mediums... (I seem to be a bit one-off with my bag preferences.) Others refer to the large as "luggage", but I would be interested in seeing it IRL. Hope you go visit today...would love to hear a report on this one!
  5. Jill, glad to hear that I am not the only one who doesn't get to sleep! I would go visit the bag, as SoCal mentioned or take it out for an "inspection" if they have a return policy. My medium is a nice size...like the b-bag City. I haven't seen the large, but it looks big to me.
  6. I don't think I would pay $500 for the bigger bag. I do like it and wouldn't mind mine being a tad larger, but in the end I wouldn't do it. Here's a pic, and this girl doesn't look especially petite or emaciated BUT I belive my pic is from LVR and their photography always makes bags look much bigger than they are.

    Love the color though! Damn, I love ALL the colors!
  7. I like the smaller one.
  8. Ok-SA just called...again..the bag was ticketed WRONG! it IS THE MEDIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too freakin funny! I am gonna go see it anyway..I want to see the Chamois too....
    PS- I didnt sleep last night..had a really bad experience with a bag sale that didnt go thru.....And I lost a higher offer.sniff.....however she may meet up with me...so my sale may still go thru...too much drama......
  9. I would definitely go for a medium! Thinking about adding a chamois if I can find one (or someone wants to get rid of theirs). The only benefit of the larger bag is that I think you can wear that one on your shoulder if that is a key factor for you. The medium is a nice size.
  11. I, too have lost sleep over bags! it's so terrible trying to decide sometimes. I really like the large, but only if it was used in some sort of luggage-y capacity. It's just too big for an everyday bag.
  12. I think it's more the awkwardness of trying to pose with a bag on your arm. It is NOT easy, as most of us around here know, lol. That is a big bag though, huh.

    Mama like the Chamois.... mama liiiiiiiike. :love:
  13. will let you know what they look like (Chamois vs.whiskey) IRL!!