HH Tuileries for $700?!?!?!

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  1. But it comes with a tassel AND keyfob!
  2. Perhaps the tassel and key fob are made of GOLD :smile:
  3. That's crazy. I had that bag once and sold it. I would not pay more than $130 new for it. It really wasn't that great. That seller is crazy w/ that price.
  4. I just saw that and was thinking about e-mailing the seller! I mean, come on! I got that bag on clearance for about $130 or so, and I agree, I don't think I'd have paid more than that. And those keyfobs?! NOT $65 brand new. I think they were about $28. What on earth is that seller thinking?
  5. this is a riot! i just sold one in saddle NWT for 100$ on the bay.
  6. But it's SOLD OUT!! :roflmfao:
  7. Wow, when this was sold at HH during the labor day sale, it was about $150.00. Some of these sellers crack me up.
  8. All the reasons why it's so expensive:
    1.It's sold out
    2.It comes with a key fob
    3.It comes with a tassel
    4.#2 & 3 above are probably made of 18K or more gold
    5.It's probably a super limited edition bag that was lined in gold

    Too funny:rolleyes::upsidedown:
  9. Yet someone will probably buy it....:upsidedown:
  10. So right Shoeguru- this is simply good salesmanship. Say something is "sold out" and the people will fight to purchase it at a 5x price increase! :lol:
  11. lol it's weird because I looked at her other auctions and they all are reasonably priced haha
  12. I have that Keyfob! i looooove it!
  13. Oh fer cryin' out loud. that seller's smoking crack. I can't wait to see if it sells. Should we make some bets?? (ha--just kidding!) :lol:
  14. For people who don't want to shell out on a Prada Fairy bag?

    Actually I've noticed quite a few US sellers with ludicrous prices.