HH Triple Strap vs Hudson Hobo - Which one's bigger?

  1. I have a HH Triple Strap in Smoke Blue, and just saw the Hudson Hobo on special at HH and was thinking about getting it. It looks really big on the model, but I"ve heard that some say HH bags are actually smaller than they appear in those pics.

    Can anyone tell me which bag is larger - the triple strap or the hobo?
  2. Well - the measurements listed indicate that the triple-strap is smaller. I was thinking about the Hudson hobo as well, but it is big... I haven't had any 'size' problems using the measurements HH lists - I figure the models are all miniature people anyway.;) When I've purchased (twice now!) an HH bag with the measurements they listed, sure enough - the bag has been as big as they indicated, and they went back. I just can't do big bags.