HH Triple Strap and HH Travel Gaza - pics

  1. :yahoo:Got these two bags in the mail in the past couple weeks and I'm sorry I'm just getting around to taking pictures. But with all the excitement over the sale and all, I figured I should get this up.

    Anyway, here is the Hayden Harnett Triple Strap in Cocoa and the Travel Gaza in Teal/Whisky. LOVE the Triple Strap, the leather is so soft and I love how the bag feels when I'm wearing it on my shoulder. I know some people didn't like the shoulder strap and the large rings on either side, but I gotta say, I think they give the bag some charm. I usually wear it on the shoulder with the 2 straps and the shoulder strap kinda just falls in the middle.

    As far as the Gaza goes, I bought this for use as a diaper bag. Lemme tell you, this design is GREAT for a diaper bag. It could fit everything and the kitchen sink, plus keep you organized. There is even a back slip pocket for your changing pad. Plus, it's lightweight, so when you're loaded down with dipes, wipes, change of clothes, blankets, bottles, etc., your bag doesn't weigh a ton. But I didn't really love the color. It was too light teal for me, as I was hoping it would be closer to a denim color.

    Anyway, here are some pictures. Please don't mind my flabby arms. I need to remind myself to wear long sleeves when modeling bags from now on. :p And also please excuse the messy bed in the background. Laundry day. :p
    554357666_18c45c3441.jpg 554357780_3f8ff5e203.jpg 554362222_f32187b757.jpg 554649707_1363194a29.jpg
  2. Here's the Gaza:
    573401610_eca86c7b97.jpg 573403660_dee8dad229.jpg 573661361_9baeee5253.jpg 573661569_b2cd410bde.jpg
  3. What are you talking about!!!?? So we cannot see your face, but can tell that you're so cute with those bags! I love it! Thanks for posting pics!
  4. WOW~love that teal color of the Gaza!!!
  5. Gorgeous color and leather on your striple strap -- looks fantastic on you! Thanks for the great photos.
  6. Uh, what flabby arms? They are so NOT! Love the bags...esp. the Gaza. I might have to get that for a diaper bag too....very NICE!
  7. Those look like some great bags! Thanks so much for sharing. I was really excited to sneak a peak as I just ordered my first HH...a Nomade Tasseled Drawstring in Bittersweet.
  8. Your arms look FINE. Love those HH bags!
  9. Flabby arms?? Get me some of those!!!
  10. Aww...thanks everyone! You gals are sweet...I guess we are our own worse critics. You know, just as you get older and things don't look the way they used to (my arms, my belly, etc.) you just become so critical. But thanks for the compliments!

    Anyway, the teal Gaza went back, but if anyone is contemplating another color, I would totally go for it! I think it would be a GREAT travel/carry-on bag too. The triple strap is totally here to stay, though. :heart:
  11. Why did the teal gaza go back? Just curious!
  12. I wasn't in love with the color. I wanted more of a denim, and this was definitely teal. A little too teal for my taste. I do love the bag, though, and I was thinking of getting one in dune, but I think it might be too light-colored for my purposes. I wanted to use this bag as a diaper bag...
  13. the triple strap is really cute on you! now i'm tempted to go back to the sale and order one too...
  14. Great taste as usual, Michelle! :yes: Looove that cocoa triple strap on you! It looks so classy and chic. So much so that I was convinced to get the vachetta one, lol! ;)
  15. They look fabulous on you! Congrats!