HH tokyo clutch?

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  1. i know hayden harnett is well-loved around here, but can someone share what they think on the tokyo clutch? A friend of mine told me her co-worker is willing to sell one for a "good price", but i don't know exactly how much yet. She's just spreading the news first. since I don't know her so well, i doubt i'll be considering getting one from her. also, hayden harnett has a sale going on. but going back to topic, it made me think about the tokyo clutch when it was mentioned. I love the other styles from HH, but i never really considered the tokyo. what do you bag-lovers think? Is there one that does not have snake-skin in the middle? Also, HH shouldn't be getting faked..... yet, right?
  2. I LOVE the tokyo clutch. Don't know if there is one without the snakeskin but personally that detail makes the clutch me, so I don't know.
  3. pic? :smile: