HH Tamasin color issue. Bronze or Pewter

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  1. #1 Jan 18, 2009
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    During the SS sale I bought a Tamasin in Pewter. It arrived last week and while I love the leather in color, it's not the right style for me.
    I put it on ebay and received a question in regards to the color.....if it was in fact Pewter and not Bronze. It looked a little bronze to me in the pics, too, but when I went back to my emailed bill from HH, it said pewter. I took another pic in natural sunlight, as opposed to the original one with flash, and it looks pewter, but....can anyone give me an idea what it is?
    I have attached pics of the bag.

    I've never owned HH before so I'm not the best judge. Thanks ladies!

    And maybe while I have you :P can anyone tell me if the Tharpe is still being made? I like that it seems more structured but I can't find one on ebay!
    hhtamasin.JPG hhtamasin2.JPG
  2. Like some of the other laddies have mentioned Pewter is a bit of a chameleon. It looks primarily Olive metallic to me, but photographs Silver Metallic and sometimes muted bronze. Your photos are accurate, it's just a very unique color and hard to photography.

    Here is my Pewter Corc, as you see the color changes as you change light and angle.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. WOW! It really does! I appreciate that pic to show the differences. I really like that bag too!!

    I ended up adding the photo to the auction and emailing the seller.
  4. Glad I was able to help. I would suggest adding a note to your listing, about the color being hard to photograph. You have it listed as the main color being Gold. That might be confusing when you say it's Pewter as well. Good Luck.
  5. Girliegirl, they're still making the Tharpe (there's one in Cordovan--I think--in the Sp09 Lookbook). I have the Tharpe in yam and it's my go-to bag for everyday. I'm pretty OCD and LOVE the organization. It holds a ton but wears low-profile. I love it. But a few members have mentioned that it's not all that secure if, say, you're commuting on public transport, and I agree--other than the flap, the two main compartments are "open". But it's definitely organized! Very comfortable, too.
  6. Thank you, jenni! I saved an old Tharpe auction I didn't win as a reminder to search it periodicallu. I always leave my bags unzipped or unsnapped anyways so I'm ok with that. I'm off to search some Tharpe related threads :smile: Thanks again.
  7. Can I ask what you didn't like about the bag? I think I almost bought this one. :smile:
  8. That is exactly what I thought when I got my pewter Tamasin.....I went back and forth all night with my boyfriend trying to figure out whether it was bronze of pewter (which is what I had ordered)

    I drove myself nuts looking at all the pics on PF, checking the bill, etc. I finally gave up and just figured it is pretty whatever the color is, but you're right it looks bronze at night for sure. I had even thought for a minute maybe HH substituted a bronze for the pewter somehow.....interesting.

  9. annam: I need a more structured bag that is wider and less tall. The leather is lovely and I can see why there is lots of HH love, and I will for sure buy again, but Tamasin is not my bag. It holds a TON though!

    MsLizardo: first....I always admire your avatar! Thanks for sharing that. I didn't want sellers to feel I was trying to switch colors so I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I really like the color, too, whatever it is......
  10. You added to the confusion, by listing it as Pewter in the tittle, then in the description classifying it as bronze color. Just say'n.
  11. girliegirl, the black Tharpe is still available on the website and I'm sure there will be more, as it's featured in the Spring collection.