HH Take $20 off purchases

  1. From 2/7 til 2/14 use code cB9AB93.
    It says limit one code per customer...so I'm not sure if this code is unique or only one time use
  2. it looks like they're unique!
  3. Mine is different, too. If anyone needs one, PM me...I've done enough damage for a few weeks.
  4. Yeah, my code is different, too. Now, if only it wasn't so much for shipping! Nearly $10 for one little thing? No thanks!
  5. ^^^Yeah, their shipping is really high. The code helps a lot.
  6. Ya, I wish they still had their free shipping codes like they did back when they had the crazy sales!
  7. Does anyone know if the fall bags will go back on sale again anytime in the near future?
  8. Argh - I need to ban HH emails from my inbox;) I just ordered a couple of things on the sale and now I got that cute owl coin purse I keep looking at!
  9. i got the i :heart: hh tote for just $4.45!
  10. Too bad $20 feels like nothing on more expensive purchases. Can't decide if I want to order something now or just wait.