HH Suki or Botkier medium Bianca?

  1. Can anyone compare the two bags? I have not seen either IRL and an not sure which to chose. The Bianca seems more structured but harder to get in and out. I am probably just going to get black so will probably no be swayed by the beautiful cherry red. Thanks so much.
  2. can you post pictures of both?
  3. I have not seen either handbag IRL but going on pictures I would chose the Botkier :tup:
  4. I vote Botkier!
  5. HH Suki gets my vote as it's a beautiful bag and it's a bit more formal. Also HH has excellent customer service that's second to none.
  6. You picked a tought comparison, maik. I've only seen the HH, not owned, but I LOVE my Biancas. No matter how many other bags I buy, it's my Biancas that make it into the rotation the most. But for $200 less, the HH is something to think about...
  7. I love my suki ladybag and I get tons of compliments on it all the time. The Botkier is nice but I'm not a big fan of the 2 front pockets.

    If you get the suki, make sure to check the deals-n-steals section for HH discounts. When I went to buy my suki, at the last minute, I checked and found a discount code for 30% off and free shipping.
  8. you will by far get the most use out of the botkier. No doubt.
  9. Definitely the Botkier! :tup:
  10. My vote is for the Suki!
  11. I've seen both the Botkier Bianca and HH Suki in real life and I think that the Bianca is much nicer. So I say, go for the Bianca!
  12. Thanks so much for the responses. I am still torn, but probably would not be sorry with either. I am going to try and at least check out the Botkier in a store.
  13. Not to make it harder for you, but the Bianca dimensions and overall shape seem closer to the HH Pastis satchel - which is nearly half the price at $333.