HH Staci, RM MAC or Both?

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HH Staci, RM MAC or Both?

  1. HH Staci

  2. RM MAC

  3. Both

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    I bought a bag today, yay! I had to choose between red and purple RM MACs and since I have four purple bags and only one red bag (or so I remembered), I went with red! Then several hours later I remembered (not so yay)... that I have a red (ruby) HH Staci that has never seen the light of day! Both are red crossbody bags with beatiful leathers and gold hardware and they both hold about the same amount so my dilemma is this... Do I get rid of one because they are sooo similar or do you think they're different enough to keep both?
    The Staci is no longer being produced but the MACs are every season, I doubt if I could find either again BNWT's and on sale...



  2. I prefer the RM! I have one and just love it.
  3. I think they are both different enough to keep. I love the style of both of the bags.
  4. I'm still confused... HELP me please, LOL!
  5. I'd keep both too. They're different enough so you can justify it. :smile:
  6. I think that you can keep both, since they are so very different...but if you had to sell one, I would personally sell the MAC because I know that you have other ones, and the Staci is much rarer. :smile:
  7. I prefer the MAC.
  8. Word. I voted for "both" but I think that the Stacey is more unique and special. :smile:
  9. the HH staci is very unique looking! if you have other MACS i would go with the staci.
  10. Toni the more I stare at your Staci, the more I want one for myself! lol :graucho:
  11. Both.