HH Spring Preview 2008: Tropicalia

  1. If you're a myspace member and HH is on your friends list you'll be able to preview the rest of the pictures. I just clipped a few to share. Everything's gorgeous!!
    l_91af2d3fcad0e6b9da357c7ced3ca5d6.jpg l_1602fae6666519a58948e85554d61eeb.jpg l_35d17c0ac3ae98690b72e079aeb40e66.jpg l_960f2bee6df8e05fd2b86809e8f6b78b.jpg l_bb3c49d758c94ff592c38009ade08d4c.jpg
  2. Thanks! I saw some pics. that a local SA showed me on her computer that included some of these as well as a couple of bags in a pretty light turquoise that looks similar to the dress in the last photo.
  3. Thanks for the heads up!! Here is another beauty!
    HH - New.jpg
  4. :drool: ooooooh....blue!
  5. What brand is HH? Thanks.
  6. Love that blue clutch, I wish I could see it better (but I was too distracted by the model's throbbing forehead vein LOL).
  7. Hayden Harnett.
  8. Ok, I didn't want to be mean as the model isn't the point of this post, but OMG! She is cute in some of the pictures, but that bulging vein is really distracting.

  9. Oooh, I LOVE the corcovado!
  10. I really like that too, especially in that gorgeous blue-green color.
  11. ^^^ ME TOO!!! gorgeous color :love:
  12. ooooo! just what I need, more green bags. The Lorca looks cute in that turquoise. I'm liking this Olga bowler quite a bit, too.

  13. you crack me up....didn't EVEN notice the bulging vein, so I had to go back and look....you're very observant!

    mlinky - what a shock....I'm lovin' that corcovado too! I think I said out-loud "holly sh t - I'm in trouble!". I wonder how smushy/squishy it will be????
    Also - I'm really diggin' the clothes as well......I am making the assumption they are HH creations as well!
  14. Wow - I love them!!!!!!!!
    Here's a link of a link... thanks for posting the HH forum link paelaf - I'd given up visiting there...

    ditto ditto ditto on the "corcovado destroyed goat turnlock". Do you think that they will call the color 'sunwashed curaçao'????

    I'd have to buy it for the name... "check out my Corcovado in sun-washed curaçao destroyed goat" .......