HH Sonia tote....

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  1. I just bought this bag and I was wondering if anyone else has this bag and has an opinion on it...

    I'm really torn about this bag!I so want to love her but I'm just not feeling her at all.
    The Sonia is supposed to measure 16 x 12 x 5.5 but it's a much smaller bag than that.It's very heavy even when empty and those rolled handles hurt like h@#l!!!:cursing:

    That said,the lining is canvas(which I think adds to the weight of the bag) and it's just not nice...It's hard to carry on the shoulder with a coat on.

    What should I do? Keep her or send her back?:shrugs::confused1:
  2. If the love isn't there, send it back. There are other bags that you will LOVE.
  3. I agree, if you don't love it, don't keep it. I don't get why HH insists on making their largest bags with rolled straps! Nico, Gaza, Beatrice, Sonia, they're all big and you would assume would end up the heaviest due to more stuff being put inside them. And yet they all have those damn rolled handles. I wish they would make them with the flat straps, like the Havana has.
  4. ITA:yes::yes::yes:
  5. Sorry you experienced this--very interesting to learn about the size and the straps. The one on the LunaBoston homepage must have been stuffed with tissue--that's always misleading (not intentionally so, I believe) because a bag would be too big to carry if stuffed with real things.

    Sounds to me like you definitely should return it.

    What do you think of these -- http://www.fifibags.se/ , which I discovered here on TPF? I'm waiting for modeling pics from the maker.
  6. Those look really nice:yes:...where can you get them?
  7. I think only from her. I'll post pics if she sends them.