HH soft gold color?

  1. I had the carryall in soft gold but sent it back because I didn't like it. I can imagine that it looks good on some styles but I didn't like the texture of the leather. It looked kind of crackly.
  2. I'm thinking of getting the Carry All in soft gold too if I can ever sell my Suki! I was wondering about the color as well... did you not like the color or the style?
  3. I'll do my best to explain it but it's kind of hard. I have the carryall in cobalt and LOVE it. I like the texture and the way it looks. The soft gold leather feels 'thinner' and it looks veiny to me. The leather looked slightly crackled and, to me, not in a good way. Other people may love it but it just paled in comparison to the other HH items I have. I have the Ursula coin purse in black, plum and cobalt and the Inka in black. I also have the mercer clutch wallet in blue croc and the mercer satchel in blue croc. I love the leather on all of them. The leather on the gold carryall felt most like the garment washed leather on the mercer blue croc items but, seems like I remember it being more scratchy. I guess I should thank you for asking about this because this post is making me realize how ridiculous my Hayden-Harnett collection has gotten in less than 2 months! Yikes!
  4. Hmmm...was the leather stiffer? Did it seem like it would not age well and perhaps damage easily? Sorry, I just want to be really sure before I exchange the saddle Havana I'm getting for this color...
  5. I have the wallet in soft gold, and while it is really pretty it does look like it's going to flake any minute. Now it hasn't actually flaked and I've been using it daily for a couple months, but it just gives off that "I'm about to flake" vibe to me,
  6. Personally, I would go for a darker gold for Fall. The light gold is pretty, but it looks very delicate and very summery. I know exactly what you guys are saying about it being thin and veiny, too. Probably not the best option in HH. Just my opinion, of course!;)
  7. Hover nailed it. That's exactly why I didn't like the HH soft gold. It's not on par with the other Hayden-Harnett products.
  8. sorry to bump an old thread, but I just bought the HH havana hobo in soft gold. Now after reading this thread I'm a little worried. Can anyone else tell me about the soft gold color? For those of you who kept it, has it held up? Does anyone have any pictures?