HH sighting on The New Normal?

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  1. Anyone else see it? I think in the last scene Goldie's grandmother was wearing the Terrific Turnlocks Messenger in Merlot on her right shoulder. Really hard to see, but I think it could be. Color, hardware and width of shoulder strap seem right.
  2. I didn't see it. Actually I'm so out of touch with real life (buried in work) that I'm not really watching much tv at all...:sad:
  3. That stinks Sally :sad:

    Must be that time of year-- my DH and I both are swamped at work. We came home and after gym, dog walk, dinner, just needed (finally, by 9:30 at night) to vegetate in front of the tube--- basically be bumps on a log.
  4. [http://www.nbc.com/the-new-normal/video/baby-clothes/1417477/

    If you start watching at 18:45 you'll see what I'm talking about on Nana.

    Oh....just watched it more closely....it just looks very, very similar. Same color, same hardware, but has a different flap and seems to be thinner. Nevermind me :smile: