HH Shopping Codes

  1. Chez - So if I'm understanding you correctly, put in both codes and get 30% off all items + free ship?
  2. Yes. That's what worked for me. I got 30% off plus free shipping.
  3. The ship date on my Candy Darling scarf keeps getting pushed up, although it was touted as being in stock on Tuesday.

    My new ship date is Monday April 25.
  4. no chatting ladies. :biggrin:

    thanks for posting the code chez!
  5. I understand no chatting, MIB. But I was trying to clarify Chez's posting. It was unclear. Thanks.
  6. Just tweeted:
    Preorder any bag, cuff, or wallet from our Pirates collection through Sunday, May 1st and take 50% off with F&F code PIRATES at checkout!
  7. i'm all for a good deal...but the collection isn't even out and they're already offering 50% off??
  8. i'm new here! just wanted to tell you all the code they just tweeted:

    "secretsale" gets you an additional 50% off sale items only. You can get the violet ibiza for around $95!
    Free Shipping
    (no clue when it expires I'll try to find out)
  10. ^I believe MAMASAYS expires on Mother's Day
  11. THANKS
    25% off of $75+
    expires 5/27

    FREESHIP free ship on orders $100+
  12. dbl post.
  13. Hey MB
    The discount is actually $25 off $75+

    I'm a bit annoyed that if I purchase the scarf I want I miss free shipping by $2.
    If I buy the two scarves that I want, I'll get free shipping, but only $25 off one of the scarves.
    So I guess that for today...I will buy nothing and just wait for a better deal.