HH Secret Sale!

  1. jenni, oh, gosh. i'd take that as a huge compliment. at 32, i daydream of getting carded. lol. it might've been the cuffs... OR maybe, you look so youthful and luminous... and too stylish to be a prof.

    fleur, lol. i'm not sure that was the most effective clarification from the vp. i like looking like a (mature!) student, too. after two years working from home, lounge pants outnumber my slacks 4:1.
  2. My Secret Sale stash arrived! I ordered the yam passport case and the Doe Welles. My ship date was pushed to 5/3 in HH land, but arrived at my door in Florida early this morning, beautifully packaged. So, don't get nervous about the default dates the online ship center is entering into orders. Apparently fulfilliment is well ahead of them.

    Where has this Doe been all my days? The pics do not do this gorious rich brown leather proper credit. I should have listened to Gingey sooner when she raved about the Doe. I just kept looking at the photos thinking "dark taupe". I admit. I was wrong.

    My yam passport case is not the yam I am used to. It is neither classic yam or recent yam...and not even remotely similar to yam shine. It is more toward the cognac of my Farrow satchel. I am loving the color. I would like more in this "carmelized yam". Yikes, between chocolate and caramel, I'm getting hungry. Heading off for lunch pronto mucho...
  3. RMC - if you get a chance - take some of your beautiful pics of the doe. How do you like the Welles shape and functionality???
  4. oh i wish i could have a doe welles! i have the poppy and love it, but do i really need two of the same bag??
  5. Glad you got your goodies, RMC! And since I'm near you, maybe my goods will arrive too! :thinking: It kinda irritates me that the online shipping isn't updated though. My packages get sent to my apartment (where I'm not currently staying) and I only go by there on days I know I'm getting mail. I'd hate for a package to just be sitting on my doorstep for days because I didn't know to go by to pick it up. :pout:
  6. Got my cobalt ramone today, and I love the color. It looked more blue on the HH website, but I like the color more irl. Also got an Al tote. That's a pretty hefty tote. Seems really well made. Glad I got one before they were all sold out. I'm going to keep it in my car.

    And may I say to make sure you check the mirror before going outside to greet the ups guy! I did not brush my hair this morning, and had NOT looked in the mirror before going outside. The ups guy kinda snickered when I went out to get my package. I just thought he was laughing at my dog. She was on the porch barking away at him. I went to go brush my hair and when I looked in the mirror, the only thing that went through my mind was, "HOLY CRAP!!!":nuts: Think of Kramer from Seinfeld, only with longer hair. My dh laughs at my hair in the morning. If I'm restless at night my hair totally tells the story.
  7. Oh happy to hear you love the cobalt 2many, I've got one on order too....can't wait to see it!

    You know, as much as I love the HH stuff there's a good reason I've been buying from Roots....I deserve good customer service for my money.
  8. ^My recent Cobalt Ramone was defective. Rust and bubbles and scuffs all over the studs. I sent an email but have yet to hear back about what to do.

    So, I think after all my recent HH orders get straightened out and sent to me, I'll be moving onto Roots for a bit. Can't wait for better customer service.
  9. Secret sale order shipped....scheduled to arrive tomorrow!
  10. And, remember, nothing can get to us on the Panhandle until ti goes east to Jacksonville first, LOL.
  11. Right! So silly! :p
  12. Oh! I was so excited, ran to my tracking page, saw that it had shipped as well!! Could it be??? Could I be getting my wallets that quickly? Oh!! :nuts:

    But then I remembered I live on the moon.
    Monday the 9th. :lolots:
  13. My stuff still says pending. I've sent 2 emails with no response. And I've got a defective item that needs to be exchanged. I've lost all patience. Now I'm just :mad::censor::cursing:
  14. ^^They should pay for the return shipping on the defected cuff!
  15. That is funny! I love the visual!