HH Secret Sale!


Reformed Bag Addict
Dec 31, 2006
ooo, finally got the doe garde bag! I had been saving a partial groupon and a $15 credit so it only came to $27--glad I waited! I'm also glad the dusk welles was sold out or I couldn't have resisted.


I Miss The 80s & 90s
Dec 4, 2007
Thanks Jenni, Pae, pigalle and fleurdelis. :biggrin: Imma pass on the Steel because I have about 4-5 Ramones (3 of them are old school: BBWS, Grey with grey studs and my new-to-me Bermuda) including the Currant that's in my cart. I realized that the Ramones work for me the best but I think 4 are enough for me.

Okay I need to check out with the Ibiza and the Currant Ramone.

Can you believe that I've had zero HH bags since Christmas if you don't count my seldom used Friends of Al tote?! I did buy an Oyster Lorca so that was with me for a couple of days before it moved to Australia/my sister's collection.

PIM - I say get Currant at least and then sell what you don't use. I just cleaned out a bunch of stuff that I hoarded myself. ;)

Miss Curly

Feb 4, 2009
Just my two cents, but I have both the old school Grey and the Steel. I tend to wear the grey more in winter, but I love the Steel! I've had it for a while, but only started wearing it recently. It looks really nice with my Steel Matilda.

I might have to break down and get the Currant Ramone. I'm also pondering a wallet...