HH sample sale preview this weekend r/o

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  1. If you aren't ontheir email list sign up for it and confirm. I just got a Black patent Bernardin for $175 + use PREVIEW for free shipping!
  2. I just bought 3 leather cuff bracelets for Christmas gifts - use PREVIEW for free shipping. Also, in the few minutes I was browsing the website 3 new things were added. It looks like they'll be adding new items all the time during the SS.
  3. I should have bought a belt but wasn't supposed to buy anything..so, I think I willstop
  4. is there a special link?
  5. <small>Link</small>
  6. Is anyone else having problems with logging into the ss? It isn't working for me.
  7. does anyone know the return policy on sample sale items?
  8. Here you go.....

    Terms & Conditions
    The items sold in our On-Line sample sale are in new or like-new condition, and are sold as is, without guarantee of any kind. Items may not be returned or exchanged for any reason. Items are extremely limited in quantity, and orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the rare occasion that an item is over-sold, customers will be notified immediately, and that portion of their order will be canceled, with a full refund of any charges. Price adjustments will not be honored.
  9. ^^ Thanks so much
  10. Did "PREVIEW" work for everyone? I'm not seeing free S/H when I use it. :confused1:
  11. I didn't have any problems with the code. Are you on their email list? It could be that you have to be on the list. And it's definitely not a difficult one to get on. Otherwise, not sure what the problem could be. Maybe try using another browser like firefox, or clearing your cookies and temporary internet files (this always works for me on NM).