HH Sample Sale - online and in store - 12/4-12/6

  1. Oh, my....countdown to the buying frenzy! I'm going to do my best to resist.
  2. Ohhhhh man... H&H is my weakness. :nuts:
    I guess I better start saving now!!!
  3. Arghhh!!! No kidding about needing to start saving now. All these crazy sales recently, I don't know if my bank account can handle this!
  4. can't wait!! Does anyone know what styles are being on sale?
  5. o no haha ! hi ladies :smile:
    i think i def will NOT be going to the in person one of these but i will for sure check out the online one :smile: not sure what im looking for but no harm in browsing :smile:
  6. how good were the deals last time? :smile:
  7. Oooh I hope they have some of my dream bags available. I am done buying for other people. Now it is all me :graucho: BUT I will only buy what I really want and decide to get ahead of time. Yep, that's my story and I am sticking to it :p
  8. ^^^ Yeah but my favorites have been all those weird funky ones which I wouldn't have given a second thought to if they hadn't been at rock bottom prices (I have been using the margot kiss kiss non-stop this fall and the ana in tweed)...

    So I have decided that I am only going to buy a purse if it takes my fancy. And I am going to be super disciplined and stick to my decision. Thanks Jandelvis for posting... see you there!
  9. oh...you're no help :lol:
  10. So it did make me think.... what do you guys all think are the funkiest purses of the current collection??? They all seem so much more grown up to me - or maybe my eyes have grown accustomed to Toni's style???

    I am starting to really love the mosaique hobos and satchels... Do you think that they fall into the funky category??
  11. does anyone remember hh pricing from last sample sale?
  12. Arrrgh...this potentially could be dangerous.

    I have bought several items at "rock bottom" that were not necessarily what I would have bought if they weren't such a good deal. I have LOVED those purchases. That is what started me on my Ana craze...a saddle Ana for $60. I'm really sorry that I didn't buy the funky plaid.

  13. yup, some crazy insane prices as mentioned, and not just for one sale, but several. Just to give you an approx. idea:

    Ana - around $60
    Some Triple C - around $90
    Hobos - around $150
    Dominiques - $145
    Malinkas - $70
    Margot Kiss Kiss - was it $80?
    Gaza Hobo - $115
    Kitten bracelets - $19

    Let's just say that the prices can get pretty low....BUT....with HH, you never know. They are unpredictable - which makes it fun fun fun!
    Hope you score something you LUV :yahoo:
  14. oooh i love the suki ladybag!