HH Salina pouch owners...

  1. What do you think about the luggage tag? I kind of feel like it doesn't go with the shape and size of the bag, which is on the small side...did you keep yours on?
  2. I didn't, but that's because I don't usually "do" luggage tags...I'm slowly learning to leave my tassels on too!. Also, it got in my way a bit while digging through the bag.
  3. I left it on - I put my security card for my office in there, so it stays handy.
  4. I kept mine on, it doesn't detract from the bag even tho the bag has a lot going on.
  5. i like mine! i think it adds to the character, but then again i love hanging things off my bags!
  6. ITA....i left mine on....i don't think it looks out of place....
  7. I'm not sure what the purpose is of those luggage tags. I can understand the tassels, but not the luggage tags. That said, I haven't bothered to take them off yet. The luggage tag on my Mercer Satchel bothers me more than the one my Salina Pouch.
  8. I took that one off too :p!
  9. Mine is on for now but I don't know if I really like it.
  10. It's funny how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've been desperately searching for the HH luggage tags to match my bags. I have to use a keycard to get into my office building and it's really convenient to have it hanging on the outside of my bags. I'm so pathetic about this I've been trying to justify buying HH bags, just because they have the tags on them and I'm trying to collect different colors! They're much prettier than other luggage tags.
  11. ankorchick, I don't suppose you've contacted HH to see if they'd sell you luggage tags... I think I remember something about you and these tags but don't recall if you did try getting some from HH minus the bag ...? I wonder if you could find a cobbler in your area who would make different color tags for you ...
  12. The luggage tag is still on my Salina in Amethyst..When I used it a couple of days ago I glanced at it and kinda wondered why it was put on the bag. The Salina is so unstructured yet the tag is not. Doesn't quite match IMO but it's still there. It's a great little tag but I really have no use for it. Love the bag, though!

  13. Hey India! Someone else already contacted HH and was told the tags would not be sold separately. That won't keep me from bugging them about it when I check on my store credit. The patent leather on my Mercer Triple Compartment blue croc started cracking all over the place. The company agreed that wasn't acceptable. I should be hearing back today. I don't know what it is but I really love those tags! The leather is just so much better than the ones other companies make.
  14. Great point - I have a work ID too! I just use my salina for weekends since it's not big enough to carry what I need for my workday. Maybe people who don't like them can sell (or donate!! lol) them to you (if part of the sales forums of TPF, that is...)

    I'm keeping mine on for now - I think a tassle wouldn't look right either, so I'm getting used to the tag.
  15. Mine is still on..I feel funny changing it in any way...