HH Sale Items At Blondette

  1. Karanina Embroidered Coral - $74 from $140

    Clutch Wallet in Chocolate - $120 from $150

    Leather Clutch Case in Chalk - $42 from $60

    Eyeglass Case in Luggage - $39 from $70


  2. Grabbed the chocolate clutch wallet - thanks!! LOVE the idea of the silk lining!! :smile:
  3. I just posted the following under another HH thread. Thought it was this one, but I'm tired and messed up... So here it is:

    I'm too beat right now to pull out the measuring tape - but I just got my Chocolate Clutch from Blondette today and LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVEEEE it!!!!!!!!!! I just can't get over the size! It is quite large and substantial - tons and tons of pockets and card slots!!!... AND has the silk lining! It is perfect and beautiful and I would strongly suggest buying from Blondette - I sure will be in the future!! The packaging was very carefully done - tons of tissue, original plastic baggie and dust bag with the wallet too - even the bill was carefully placed in an envelope! These people seem to CARE, and boy do I appreciate that!