HH Sale-for those who ordered out of stock items

  1. For those of us who ordered out of stock items-and found out after the sale was over-did HH offer to you a discount on purchase?

    I got a voice message saying my item was out of stock and that I was welcome to make a purchase. Don't think I'll bother calling back unless I can expect a discount.

    It's very hard for me to replace a bag bought at a HUGE discount with one at or close to full price.

  2. They just said you're welcome to make a purchase without saying anything else? Well, of COURSE they would welcome you to make a purchase at full price...I would expect some kind of discount.
  3. Hmmm . . . that's ambiguous. Why not give them a call and ask about a discount? Everyone is welcome to make a purchase, but maybe they'll be willing to give a discount for a customer left disappointed after the sale? Worth a shot. I do think a discount would be a nice gesture.
  4. In the past they've offered the same item in another color for out of stock items. If that's something you're interested in you might want to ask if they'd do that when you call.