HH Saddle Havana before and after Apple Leather Care conditioner

  1. Quite a few people have posted about the light marks that can occur on Hayden Harnett saddle leather. I have mentioned before that I found that Apple Leather Care conditioner does a great job of reducing or eliminating these. It worked extremely well on my Suki in Saddle. It is the Apple Leather Care conditioner, not the cleaner. Here's a link:


    I just received the Saddle Havana this week and took before and after photos. It's hard to see the change in the photos compared to IRL but I think the photo of the pocket shows it fairly well.
    saddlehavana3backbefore.JPG saddlehavana4backafter.JPG saddlehavana5pocketbefore.JPG saddlehavana6pocketafter1.JPG
  2. I can definetely see the changes in the 2nd photo! I think I may have to order some of this! Thanks! :smile:
  3. It makes a huge difference in the way the leather feels as well :tup:!
  4. thanks for posting this! When I added the leather care to my cart, it recommended the rain & stain repellent. Have you used that? Any feedback?
  5. I have used the rain repellant on Balenciaga bags but not on HH bags. Incidentally I was carrying my Saddle Suki today and it got a bit wet in the rain and dried off without a problem.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I think I'll go by Burlington Coat Factory and buy it.