HH Repairs

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  1. Does anyone know if HH does repairs on their hardware or do they just do leather stitching type repairs? I have a BZ wallet that had the clasp broken off it when I took it from my handbag this morning. Found a piece in the bottom of the bag. I don't want to bother HH with this during their sale if it is a repair that they don't cover or are unable to service.

    Anyone have the same thing happen with their turnlock closure on the clutch wallet? Was it fixable or do I need to order another wallet? I bought this one during the Wishful sale, so I haven't had it long. Is there a time limit to repairs and how much do such repairs normally cost?
  2. I would contact them. They say that "minor" repairs are usually free and stand behind the product even if it's not "guaranteed" persay.

    The turnlock on my wallet has always felt a little "loose" and I often wonder about the durability of the mechanism. I've sort of thought of modifying it myself to help it stay locked instead of sliding around at random.
  3. Go ahead and contact them now. While I'm sure that they will repair it, there is a chance that they could replace it.
  4. Kamikaze TPF run because I'm dealing with my mom...I had the same problem with my VCP Turnlock that was a month old. I emailed Nitza, she sent me a prepaid return label and an #RMA to send it back. They will either repair or replace it but I was told that it will take at least 6 weeks..yikes..and now that they are running yet another sale you may have to keep track of it.
  5. They provide at least a 12-month warranty. They'll fix it. Call their customer service department, toll-free at 866 921-2247.
  6. I'm wondering the same thing because I'm eyeing a clutch wallet from eBay and the seller says that the lock is a little loose (although the one she's keeping has a loose lock too). Since I didn't buy it myself directly, do you think they'll still honor any repairs? I don't mind paying for the repair, but I would like to have it fixed just in case. She bought it during one of the recent sales because she said she bought it a month ago.
  7. It says right on the site that there is no explicit warranty, just that they "stand behind" their product. Nothing about free repairs for 12 months?
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    Well, pas, I can't find where I read that. To be fair to everybody and the lawyers in the group, here is the direct information from the HH web site:

    If you purchased a bag from us on-line that requires repair, please contact customer service toll-free (866) 921-2247 or send an email to repairs@haydenharnett.com. If you purchased your bag from a different retailer, please first try to contact them regarding your repair. They are often able to make the repair themselves.

    To have a bag repaired you must first obtain an RMA# by calling a customer service representative toll-free (866) 921-2247. Bags will not be accepted without an RMA#. Please consult our Returns Policy for additional instructions.

    Most repairs take between four and six weeks to complete, though some may be made faster and some might take longer. We aim for you to have your bag back as quickly as possible. Our bags are offered with no guarantee, but we stand by our quality, and the majority of simple repairs are performed free of charge.

    I would suggest you call them or e-mail them because they can't do anything about it if they don't know about it ...
  9. I just sent back a Barnard which had a problem with the lining (as many of the earlier HH's did) and they asked me if I had purchased it from them. Since I wasn't the original owner, I was told that I'd have to pay to have it fixed. So unless you asked the seller to send it in for you, I doubt HH will repair it for free.
  10. I saw that auction also. I've got two clutch wallets and never experienced the loose turnlock luckily, but I'd recommend getting one while they're still on sale from HH.
  11. RealMcCoy You shouldn't have a problem getting HH to repair or replace it. They're good about standing behind their merchandise.
  12. Hmm. Thanks for the head's up. Oh well. I'll check it out when it gets here. I got it from a couple dollars less than the sale clutches (except for the brown patent) and it's in the grey Zeus, which looks fabulous judging from all the photos I see here.I don't necessarily mind paying for the repair, providing it's not like an exorbitant amount to fix (like if it ends up being the price of a new clutch or something).
  13. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    I was debating between the blue patent on the HH site and this grey Zeus one. I couldn't resist the GZ though (after seeing all the photos here on tPF) and so combined with shipping, I won it for a few dollars less than the blue one off the site. The wear didn't sound/look too bad and the grey looks so pretty. Maybe the lock isn't that loose even and the seller is just picky? :shrugs:

    I have an affinity for glazed leathers and silver/grey bags/wallets so I couldn't pass this up.
  14. I just received my Grey Zeus clutch wallet from the auction and it's cute! I expected it to be lighter but it's still a great color. My co-worker saw a little green in it which was funny. I can see the blu-ish tinge that someone else mentioned on tPF.

    The turnlock is loose when the wallet is empty but when I "puffed" up the wallet to simulate it as a full wallet, then I didn't find it to be that jiggly.
  15. Great to hear that the wallet seems okay!