HH Pre-Order items already on sale?


Jan 7, 2009
I was perusing the HH site and saw this bag. I love the lava collection, but I am confused. If it is a pre-order item, then doesn't that mean they don't have it? If that is the case, then why is it on sale?
Can someone explain???


Jan 10, 2009
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how long do you have :smile:

There is a site-wide 25% discount for HH's 5 year anniversary.

Pre-orders are scary because the dates have slipped, a lot, and there is no guarantee of when they'll come in. My understanding is that HH has changed its policy and will not charge until your bag is in stock, but will use your order with a temp charge to your cc that is refunded as a placeholder for one of the bags when it comes in.


Jul 25, 2008
HH does sales on pre-orders all the time, that's not at all unusual for them. As siouxie says, though, their delivery dates have not been reliable since last summer.


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Oct 26, 2008
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ITA with all...and more...I'd be posting a saga if I answered you in depth.

Leeleerae, IMHO, no matter how badly you want something from HH that is available only as a pre-order, until we (and the public) know a bit more specificics regarding the manne in which their orders will be processed from start to finish, including overselling, and delayed ship dates, and most importantly, communication with customers rather than the "due to circumstances beyond our control" BS that has gotten very stale, I might advice you to stay away from pre-orders.

What I believe it means specifically is that they may not have produced it yet and may be waiting to see how many units to produce in a run of specific colors. No matter what the state of the economy continues to be, from a purely practical business POV, it makes sense to produced items with less overage. In this manner, items could be sold at a controlled discount directly through HH and not through a designer discount site if there are overuns that have to be dumped to raise working capital.

So...HH does not have it in stock, and it is possible, despite your deposit, and despite a "headcount" of the pre-orders, that HH may oversell it or not produce enough to meet later demand if it is too close to switching production to the following seasons', unless that style and color story is going to be carried forward. You might get yours depending on when you placed the order and even the discount which you used to purchase.

You are savvy, Llr, so if you do preorder, keep really good records because it will probably be up to you to keep track of everything. HTH.

TTFN amigas.


Jan 7, 2009
^^^ I totally understand that, but i don"t understand why they would mark down pre order items. From a retailers perspective, i just don"t get it.

I thought that companies did mark downs only when the turn rate of certain inventory hadn't hit its mark. This is markdowns on inventory that hasn't even been produced!
Do other companies do this??


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Jun 12, 2007
Can't manufacture product cuz no money to pay manufacturer; can't get money cuz no product to sell; so put pre-orders on sale to generate some cash flow to pay manufacturers to release 9 bags at a time; still no money cuz the money customers paid for those 9 bags was spent a long time ago.

You don't get it because it doesn't, in fact, make sense. Suspend your logic, Leelerae, and all expectations of receiving the goods you paid for in what might be considered a timely manner, i.e., within 6 months of ordering and paying IN FULL.


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Mar 2, 2009
It all seems like a game to me...why not just price your items at about 25% off what they are priced? I guess it's just because we have all come to expect discounts or maybe to provide the illusion that you better snap something up NOW because it's a good price (let me tell you, that has worked on me MANY times :biggrin:) Or to make you feel like you are getting a more expensive bag than you really are? Who knows. It does all seem like a psychological thing to me. Personally I guess I might be more likely to buy at "$600 bag" for $200 than a $200 bag for $200...even if its the same bag. Seems crazy though...lol. I admit it, I easily fall vicitim to the "sale" mentality...I know places like Kohls basically mark everything up and then put it on "sale" all the time...Their toy prices are ridiculous compared to target, but "on sale" they are about the same as Targets regular prices...but its just a tactic I think. Who knows what's going on with HH and if they are using it this way but TBH a lot of the regular prices seem pretty high....but almost nobody seems to ever actually pay those prices.
ETA ^^ Namkha is right though...this seems like more than a tactic? Who knows.