HH plume wrap dress colour question!

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  1. Hmm I ordered the wrap dress in navy feather, which has gold feathers with a blue background? Was there a navy one with white feathers? I might be having sight issues, but this dress that I just opened looks black and white lol. I am not upset, I like the black print, but unless there is a navy feather that is really dark?
  2. There was one that was black and white and another that was gold and blue. It sounds like they sent you the wrong one!

    I would email CS immediately. It is such a pain that they keep doing this to people.
  3. hmmm thanks! I would rather not have to ship it back though, since it took about 20 days to get to me already ._.

    Here is what it looks like, I like it, just, I was thinking to add a nice bright dress into my wardrobe lol

  4. that looks like the black and white one. the navy one (which i have) has feathers that aren't just one color - they're white AND yellow.

    that said you look great in the dress!
  5. seto, the black and white looks fabulous on you. It is such a wearable color combo, you might have come out better.
  6. ^Seto ITA with Mlinky! I think it is awesome and more versatile than what you were hoping for. Simply beautiful!
  7. I love this dress! I also loved the other one you modeled in the digikat fabric. They both look terrific on you.
  8. I want this print... Any dress... I absolutely adore it!!
  9. thanks again all! I asked my SO what he thought, and he says to keep this one hands-down and wants me to wear it out today lol. So I guess it is a keeper, but I will still email them to let them know that they may have shipped a few things that were wrong for other people.
  10. I think it looks great on you! Definitely a keeper :smile:
  11. I love it on you! It's totally gorgeous! Absolutely a keeper!
  12. Dress looks gorgeous on you! I just ordered the Navy Feather Plume as well. It's my first time ordering clothing from H+H, do they run true to size? Thanks!